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Discover the advantages of machining with Soraluce Universal Milling Heads , boosting accuracy and productivity to a higher level, providing maximum cutting capacity and excellent versatility to cover any workpiece.

Get flexibility, the power of indexing!

What will you find?

  • · Wide range of Soraluce Milling Heads.

  • · Live Demo Soraluce Universal Head.

      • · Features

      • · Functionalities

      • · Advantages

  • · Advanced Head Manufacturing Center Tour: In-house design, manufacturing, verification, assembly and running-in for the best precision, performance and reliability.

  • · Success stories

  • · Live chat

Do you know the advantages of Soraluce Universal Milling Heads?

  • · Any vertical degree, 0.001º.

  • · Any diagonal degree, 0.001º.

  • · Any vertical and diagonal interpolation, full workpiece accessibility.

  • · High power and torque allowing maximum cutting capacity.

  • · Maximum power and torque at any angle.

  • · Interpolation with the rest of machine axes.

  • · High positioning accuracy allowing precise machining results.

  • · High dynamics, providing cycle time savings.

  • · Automatic tool changing system in vertical or horizontal position.

  • · Auxiliary heads incorporated for higher functionalities.

  • · Fully modular head changing system through adapter flanges.

  • · Internal / external cooling system.